Cards by Katie

Not only do I blog, tend children, keep house (not really), and all those other things I listed in my bio...but I also make Note Cards!  This is where my family's "Fun Money" comes from, and I love making sweet notes for people. 

Cards-By-Katie began in 2006 with some scraps of paper and a few stamps. I began making notecards after people started asking where I got my children's birthday party invitations. I created my children's birth announcements and birthday cards with love and enjoyed the projects.

Since I had so much fun creating these special invitations I decided to take it a step further. I began selling homemade note cards to friends and family. Now I am taking this venture one step further with online sales. My creations are simple but colorful. Each note card and invitation is made by hand, carefully and creatively.
Now I sell my cards on Etsy and on my own website:

I have created cards for many different occasions, and they make perfect gifts for all of your friends and family who enjoy writing notes.

I'm working hard to bring back snail mail one note card at a time!
Happy Shopping!