Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Our Family Summer Bucket List 2013

Each summer I sit down with the kids and put together our Summer Bucket List.  We have done this for the past few summers, and it's a great way for us to find fun things to do.  We don't always cross everything off our bucket lists each summer, but we do endeavor to have as many adventures as we can!  

Do you have a Summer Bucket List?  Please share your links below in the comments!

POST EDITED on SEPTEMBER 21st 2013 :: Ok, so summer officially ends tomorrow so I thought it was time to go through our bucket list and see what we could cross off the list, and what other fun adventures we had that weren't on the list!  This summer was a BLAST, and we had some great fun and adventures!  I'd love to hear in the comments what kinds of fun YOUR FAMILY had this summer!  I've crossed off the adventures we've had below, and then added others to the bottom of the list!  Check it out...

Our Summer Bucket List ::
Explore Trammel Fossil Park
Go to Alms Park
Have a Family Game Night (or two)
Bake Desserts for Parish Kitchen 

Mt. Airy Forest 
Visit Big Bone State Park
Explore Sharon Woods
Attend Art Classes at Baker Hunt
Play in the Sprinkler
Tend to our Garden
Walk some STEPS
Play Lazer Tag at Lazer Kraze
Splash around at Washington Park & Parky's Pirate Cove
Shop at some new (to us) Farmers Markets
Take a day trip to Louisville
Walk the Purple People Bridge
Have a picnic
Visit the Loveland Castle
Make our own Ice Cream

Our Summer Goals ::
Complete Summer Reading Lists for the Kenton County Public Library
Finish Sam's Quilt & sew a few skirts for Ella (Mama)
Finish 2009 Scrapbooks
Drink more JUICE (made with our new juicer!)
Learn to speak French (Ella's idea!)

Read Ella's Bucket List HERE

Here are the Adventures we added that were not on the list:
Picked Strawberries at Branstrator Farm
LumenoCity (AMAZING!)
Family Trip to Cumberland Falls
Ultimate Dinos Exhibit at the Cincinnati Museum Center
We also had a Hobbit Party to celebrate finishing reading the book!
We had two different day trips to Columbus, to visit COSI and then to visit the American Girl Store.
A Picnic in Washington Park followed by Cincinnati Opera's Aida at Music Hall
A Day Out With Thomas the Train

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