Tuesday, January 27, 2009

snow day!

it's been a while since I left teaching, but i still get excited about a really good snow day...the kind of snow day that makes the roads impassable and force the schools to close down. all five of us are home today enjoying each others company...we had a big pancake breakfast (except for michael who just isn't a breakfast fan...he had a hoagie), and then took the kids out to sled ride in the back yard. sam is not a huge fan of the snow, but it could've been because his snow suit made it hard for him to walk and his mittens made it impossible to have any control over his fingers. max and ella though are big fans of sledding! this year we bought a new sled, the baby sled just wasn't cutting anymore, so ella and max were able to sled together down the hill...no more waiting for a slow sibling to walk back up the hill with the sled. it's a good day to cuddle by a fire. enjoy!


Banana said...

What fun! The picture of Sam reminds me so much of 'A Christmas Story'. "Mom, I can't put my arms down!" :)

It's cold here, but we don't have any new snow. Have a hot chocolate for me!

VickyandJen.com said...

I love your snow bunnies.

Shannanb aka Mommy Bits said...

Auh, looks like you made the best of the snow days! I've been working from home all week and have loved being able to get out in the snow with the boys!