Tuesday, March 17, 2009

for nana

happy saint patrick's day to all of our friends and family! i will grudginly admit that my cultural heritage is a bit of a mix...i cannot identify all of the places i have descended from. but because of my nana i proudly declare myself irish (which isn't hard to claim, considering my fair skin and abundant amount of freckles). nana celebrated St. Patrick's day each year....she wore the green, partied with friends, and sent a card to each of her children, grandchildren and great grandchildren. she & bop spent years working on geneology, tracking down our roots in ireland. because of them we have a close relationship with our cousins across the ocean. it was nana & bop that took me on my first trip to ireland when i was 12. nana bought ella her first pair of shamrock socks (sam is wearing them today). nana gave her family a sense of history and never let us forget our heritage, and for that i am ever grateful.

each saint patrick's day i sent nana a picture of the kids in their st. patrick's day attire. this year i share it with you instead....here are the scheper kids over the years proudly wearing their green.

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