Friday, March 6, 2009

owl babies

it all started with the letter of the week....this week in ella's kindergarten class they are learning about the letter O. and for small group work they made paper bag owl puppets. she came home all fired up about owl puppets. and what ensued was three days of constant puppet making in the dining room. ella and max spent every spare moment creating puppets...all owls of course. on thursday she and max treated michael, sam and i to a private performace of "owl babies" (a very cute book by martin waddell). and we also found several books at the library about making paper bag puppets, who knows what we can make with a huge box of paper (thanks sandy cohen printers), some paper bags, glue, scissors, and googly eyes...the possibilities are endless!


Tess said...

These are so cute. Oh! Remind me to give you the paper mache horse project instructions. We did them with the kids at Sunrock. One of the coolest projects. My nephews went crazy over it- all day event like the owls. said...

Hoot! Hoot!