Thursday, February 25, 2010

how the time flies!

oh how the time flies when you have four little ones at home! i have been neglecting our blog these past few months! i even failed to post when baby number four made his entrance a month ago. that's right, a month ago. my prince henry is already one month old. just to catch you up to speed...henry was born on january 25th at 8:09 am, weighing 9lbs. 10 oz. i had a planned c-section, and the birth went smoothly.

ella took the news of having a brother instead of a sister very well. she is very attentive to her baby brother, and a huge help to mommy. sam has taken on the role of protector. he watches over henry and makes sure that mommy is taking good care of him. he often reminds me to feed henry, or change henry any time he hears him cry. popluar opinion is that sam sees henry as a future ally in his plans to take over the world (starting with our home). max is not too interested in henry at this point..we think that he is waiting for henry to grow up so he can play with him. max is constantly talking about things that he and henry will do when henry is older. right now, he's just not that interesting, i mean he can't even play with legos yet! how boring!

henry has had a rocky first month of life. when he was a week and a half old he had a case of the sniffles that progressed quickly into a case of rsv. rsv is pretty common this time of year, sam has had it twice, when he was older though (he was treated with breathing treatments and it wasn't that big of a deal). rsv is a scary thing for a small baby to have though. henry was having trouble breathing and we rushed him to the children's hospital emergency room. he spent four days in the nicu at children's on oxygen, iv fluids & antibiotics and under the watchful eye of the fabulous staff there. it was a very scary experience for us (because somehow this was our first ever trip to the hospital with one of our children), but we were thankful for a quick recovery and feel blessed that we live so close to such a wonderful hospital. we were also so appreciative of the support we had from everyone around us. the outpouring of love, the prayers from so many people, the offers of help and the countless meals we received helped us make it through this rough patch.

so now somehow a month has passed. henry seems to be completely over the rsv. i took him to the doctor today and he now weighs 11 pounds, 10.5 ounces. he's a happy, growing boy!

the other children are doing well too. ella has turned in to quite the little bookworm (just like her mama at that age). she is tearing through chapter books, reading every chance she gets! max is learning about space at school, and loves to come home from school and tell us all about the phases of the moon and the different constellations (like the big spoon and the little spoon). sam doesn't say much about school, except to tell me what he ate at snack and that he rides bikes in the gym.


RoseMamie said...

I can't believe you found time to actually post a blog entry! hehe The pics are adorable and that onesie is SO cute! :)

Shannan said...

Aside from the RSV- it sounds like everyone is adjusting well and enjoying their new sibling! I agree with Amy, the pics are too cute! said...

Yay for the Scheper family! Henry is just gorgeous (but what did we expect?) Your whole damn family is beautiful! I'm so happy for you all and just relieved that Henry is healthy again! Love, Vicky

Katy said...

yay again for Baby Henry!! can't wait to meet him!