Tuesday, March 23, 2010

sewing for the boys

for a year now i have been sewing the cutest little skirts for my princess. the lazy days skirt was a simple starting project for this sewing newbie. i made several skirts...for summer, for halloween, st. patrick's day, easter, and more! but i decided it was time for a project for my boys. i found this super easy (and free!) pattern to make a "car cozie", and made 3 of them in a week! the creator of this pattern will gladly make you a kit if you contact her on etsy (which i did). i think these car cozies are perfect to take along to places where little boys need a quiet distraction (church, restaurants, etc).
there are so many crafters on the world wide web sharing their ideas and creations...it's a wonderful place to explore for new ideas! and when i stumble upon these cool ideas i will in turn share them with my crafting friends!

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RoseMamie said...

These are adorable (don't tell the boys that, tell them I said they are super awesome and manly!) Ewan would very much like one...going to have to bribe you into teaching me ;)