Monday, June 7, 2010

ottie's quilt

a few months back i was asked by sam to make a quilt for his beloved otter. how can i deny him? so despite the fact that i have not yet made sam his own quilt, i went to work on the quilt for ottie (and of course started a quilt for max's sidekick alaska at the same time). this weekend while catching up on some much needed r&r i sat on a big front porch overlooking the licking river and finished up a quilt for an otter. it's a very simple pattern...just four-inch squares sewn together, and then i tied the quilt at the corners of the squares and used store-bought binding (i need to learn how to make my own binding, i've heard it is simple!). this project should have been a weekend project, not a three month project, but that is how things go around here...slow and steady.

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