Friday, June 18, 2010

Sweet Smelling Sunshine Craft for Kids

This is an art activity I used to do with my preschool students when I was teaching, I always liked to use yellow/orange/reddish colors to create a sunshine, but any colors you choose would work. Even very young children can do this art project – it’s simple, just paint & shake! The glue makes the pale gelatin powder brighten up – the kids thought it was magic! Here are the instructions for making a sweet smelling sunshine!

1. Collect your materials: glue, paint brushes, heavy paper, shakers (I bought toothpick shakers at the Dollar Tree) & gelatin**.
2. Let the children paint designs on the paper with the glue
3. Gently shake the gelatin powder over the glue (use toothpick shakers)
4. Shake excess gelatin off of the paper (into the sink or trash) and allow artwork to dry for several hours (depending on how much glue is used).

**I think that Jello® brand gelatin is the best to use. one time I bought the generic brand and the colors just didn’t “pop”.


Amy said...

I've never seen anything like this before but it looks like fun!! We may have to give it a whirl as well...thanks for the post!

Anonymous said...

Neat! I want to come over with Bella and do this one day!

micaela said...

Coool!! I'm going to try this! Thanks for sharing!!