Saturday, July 31, 2010

Creating a Mural with Children

when we went to ikea yesterday we bought a big roll of paper (under $5!). ella wanted to make a mural like ramona and her father did in the book Ramona & her Father (and in the movie). so we gathered our supplies...markers, crayons, and pencils (i considered watercolors, but decided against it, we will try that another day!).
then all three kids set to work on the mural. we had decided to make our house, and the area we live in. ella gave the boys ideas and helped them figure out what to draw. it was so neat to watch them all be so creative, and to work cooperatively with each other.

look at these two boys working side by side!

ella drew the library, since we spend soooo much time there.

here is the work in progress, they took a break for a few hours, but ella said she is going to go back to work on it this evening. from right to left: the river, cincinnati, our house, the road (with our van on it), the library and a park. i can't wait to see what they come up with next!


RoseMamie said...

too cute! we got a roll of this paper at the christmas tree shoppe last time we were there and it's great for making your own wrapping paper too! I can't wait to see what they add next!

anna said...

Great idea. We've done this a few times at church for group projects and it's always a big hit. Right now, each Sunday, the children's worship kids add a fruit to their fruit of the spirit mosaic canvass. I'll send you a pic when it's finished. I think I'll try this at home w/ M1 and M2. Maybe I'll even do a paint stamp of M3's hand or foot?

Also, M1 got a great idea from a book "Girls A to Z"....she drew a night sky on several pieces of paper and taped them to the bottom of the kitchen table. Now whenever she wants some private time, she goes under the stars!

katie and the little things said...

anna...that is a great idea about the starry sky under the table! it reminds me of something i did when i taught...i used to tape paper under the table and let the kids lay on the floor and color underneath the michelangelo & the sistene chapel.
i will have to check out this book!
& amy...great idea for the wrapping paper!