Saturday, July 3, 2010

spaghetti carbonara

to celebrate father's day with my daddio, i had him over to my house for lunch. while he caught up on current events with the four children, i whipped up a delicious five star meal. in no time at all! my friend karen shared this recipe for spaghetti carbonara with me a few weeks back, and i have been waiting for just the right moment to make it (carbonara is not one of my husband's favorite ways to eat pasta). i only made one change to the recipe, instead of using whole slices of bacon i used some diced pancetta that i had in the freezer from my favorite grocery store (trader joe's). this lunch took me less than a half hour to put together, and everything was delicious. we had roasted asparagus with fresh grated parmesan from silverglades, fresh grapes from findlay market and a baguette from shadeau breads to go along with the pasta. It was quite a feast!


RoseMamie said...

I'm not a big fan of the carbonara either, but that looks delicious! The asparagus is making my mouth water!

anna said...

I'll pass on the asparagross, but the carbonara...YUMMY! Truly, I've tried to like asparagross, but my taste buds just won't budge. I'm sure the Katie way is delicious to anyone who likes it though. katie, you know I'll eat just about anything.

katie & crew said...

Anna...maybe i can change your mind! I doused the asparagus in olive oil, sprinkled kosher salt over it, roasted it for just about 1o minutes at 400degrees, and then sprinkled some fresh grated parm on top. Delicious!