Thursday, September 16, 2010

for sam & kate

late last night sam came down with a fever and complained of a headache. He screamed and cried, telling me that it hurt too bad to even sleep. oh my poor baby. it took such a long time for the motrin to kick in. this morning he was still feverish, lethargic, headachey & coughing. after a trip to the doctor's office we came home armed to fight the virus with meds & orders to do breathing treatments to prevent the chest congestion from worsening. the only up side to all of this was all of the cuddling that i got to enjoy today. i've never been so happy to sit and watch transformers & bionicle. while sam napped i worked in the basement looking for books for the yard sale this weekend. that's when i came across this book.
my mother buys the children books each christmas that have their name in the title. this book was bought for sam in 2008. i tend to put these books in a special place so they are not worn out from everyday use. when they get a bit older i start bringing the books out of hiding. i had forgotten all about this book. so i brought it upstairs and read it to sam while he did his breathing treatment tonight. it's a story about a little bear with a cough and he does not want to take his medicine (just like another sam i know).

and when i opened it i saw this inscription. perfect. it was a cozy night indeed!
just a note...i do believe sam is on the mend after a few doses of antibiotics. his fever has subsided, and he was a bit more playful this evening. i was so happy to see the old sam returning.


RoseMamie said...

So glad he seems to be feeling a bit better :) Your mom is so clever finding books with their names in the titles..that is so special and sweet :) said...

Oh Kate, how very special! I love that you are able to capture these precious moments and share them with such beauty. Love you!