Tuesday, January 25, 2011

happy birthday prince henry!

one year ago this morning prince henry entered the world to the tunes of vampire weekend.  he weighed in at 9 pounds, 10 ounces, the biggest of our four.  he has spent the past year trying so hard to keep up with his older siblings.  he loves them so much, and is always happiest when they are around.  he can stand, walk holding onto furniture, say dada (and sporadically call out mama if the mood strikes him), he can climb up onto rocking chairs, he loves pancakes, and broccoli, and he can dance (on rocking chairs no less).  he takes a few steps here and there, but his prefered method of movement is crawling.  he likes taking ALL of the wipes out of the box, figuring out how to climb up onto tables, and he loves to look out windows.  he's a very happy baby, but we are worried that he might be allergic to sleep.  he is healthy & growing, and learning new tricks every day.  we are all fascinated watching him grow up.  we love you prince henry!


micaela said...

I LOVE it Katie!!! I love how you did the photos!! It's sooooo cute to see him at each month in his little onesies!!! I'm so glad they all fit him! It's still crazy to see he's already 12mos though!!

RoseMamie said...

Happy Birthday Prince Henry!!! I cannot believe he is already 1, and look at him standing up, acting like he's going to walk away or something! Love that sweet baby :)

Amy said...

This makes me a little weepy! I love the photos. Times flies. It does not seem possible Henry is One.