Thursday, January 13, 2011

snow days!

 i think that i am in the minority when i say that i love snow days, i have since i was a child (well, who didn't love snow days as a child?).  i love being snowed in with my family, with nowhere to go and no obligations.  snow days are the kind of days where you can get away with cancelling plans, shirking responsibilites, and staying in your pajamas all day long.  when the children are in school i fill my days with projects, cleaning, errands, tasks, lists, chores, and the like.  when they are home from school i try to focus on them instead of the to-do list.  i try to make our time at home fun and special. 
here's how we spent our snow days this week:



~ reading books about snow & winter ~ bundling up ~ baking ~ sitting by the fire ~ doing snow-themed arts & crafts ~ drinking hot chocolate (with a bit of butterscotch schnapps for mama & dada) ~ throwing snowballs ~ laughing ~ more reading ~ wearing pajamas ~ simmering soup ~ shivering ~ sledding ~ movie watching ~ crocheting ~ running into trees with our sleds ~ cuddling

unfortunately we did have to throw in a little homework & cleaning, but we followed those tasks up with fun activities!
how do you spend your unexpected days home from school?

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Cindy Reaper said...

I stay tucked up in my sewing room with a pot of tea working on my current project, which this week is a king size quilt!