Tuesday, February 1, 2011

crafty inheritances

my folks have been working tirelessly lately to clean out their basement.  they've unearthed quite a few treasures while cleaning, and i have benefitted.  mom decided to give me a bit of my inheritance early...four garbage bags full of yarn.  jackpot!  now i need to figure out what kinds of projects to do with all of it.  for now it is granny squares.  and dad gave found a box full of old quilt pieces.  these fabulous diamonds that just need to be put together.  i'm not sure where to go with that project just yet, so they are put aside in my own basement for now.  i'm pretty giddy about all of the projects in my future. 

ella had fun sorting through all of the yarn.  she sorted it into three bins:  cool colors, warm colors and neutral colors.

three HUGE bins of yarn!

the quilt pieces have some very old newspaper on the back of them

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