Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Getting Organized :: Miscellaneous Memorabilia

I'm a pack rat.  So is Michael.  So are our children.  So as you can imagine, we have alot of random odds & ends all over the house.  We save every ticket stub, birthday party invitation, playbill, wedding program and other miscellaneous memorabilia you can think of!  For a while I was just stuffing it all into a box.  But I wanted a better way to organize it.  So I bought a photo box to store all of the playbills &  programs.
Then I bought a scrapbook at Michael's to hold all of our saved tickets & memorabilia.

I used scrap-booking adhesive to attach all of our "treasures" in the book.  I think it's fun to look at, and hope that someday our kids enjoy looking through them.  Hopefully they will appreciate all of the cool memorabilia their mother preserved. 

Am I crazy, or do you save things like this as well?


RoseMamie said...

Love it! I usually stick ticket stubs in with the pictures of the event, if there are any. It never occurred to me to just put them all in an album like this until I saw Lisa do it at the crop, and now yours. Fantastic idea!!! And yes, I save every stub, even hotel key cards from our trips LOL I keep it all!

katie and the little things said...

I should have added this in the post...I acutally usually put one of our tickets in our albums with the photos from that event too!