Wednesday, June 1, 2011

a new babe in the neighborhood

last week a mother deer bedded down in our backyard and gave birth to twins!  we missed the actual birth, but saw the fawns moments after, wobbling around the backyard.  as much as i complain about the deer that roam our neighborhood chowing down on my flowers & veggies, i really think it's neat to wake up in the morning and have deer in the backyard.  i can't wait to watch these sweet babes grow up.  here's a picture i snapped of one of the twins.


RoseMamie said...

I think this is just one of the coolest things ever! We see deer over here all the time, really large family groups, but to watch babies grow like that is just amazing!

Kimberly said...

There was a baby fawn unattended in my parents' next-door-neighbor's backyard two days ago... Your neighborhood must have a lot of babies this year! What a sweetheart. Love that face.