Sunday, September 11, 2011

family movie night

almost every weekend we have a family movie's a nice time to wind-down on a friday evening after a wild week.  last night we tried something new...i made kettle corn for everyone to chow on while we watched the wizard of oz.  it was so scrumptious that i felt compelled to not only take pictures of it, but to share the link with you so you could make kettle corn at your house.  it was a bit tricky to make (there are random popcorn kernals all over my kitchen), but well worth the work!

a new use for my dutch oven!

henry was transfixed with the wizard of oz, this is his uh-oh face for when the wicked witch made her appearance. 

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Veronica said...

LOVEEEEEE Kettle Corn! Im going to have to try this one!