Monday, September 5, 2011

labor day weekend

how did you spend your long weekend?  we spent quite a bit of time at home doing a little of this, and a little of that.  we also had a family reunion and took a walk by the river.  mama had a very productive weekend, some projects that have been irking me were crossed off the list, and the toilet is actually clean.  michael spent almost the entire weekend working on our rental property, with the help of his awesome brothers.  and the kids were big helpers with house cleaning.  but most of their weekend was spent having fun & relaxing.

max played games on daddy's ipod while henry gave tips & pointers

sam worked on his treasure map.

ella cut some sunflowers for her mama

she was a little nervous about the bees though. 

henry got into lots of mischief (this is the smile that he uses to try to get out of trouble)

michael spent hours working on the apartment - this is his "dexter" room at the rental property

the weather was perfect today for a little baking.  i made these tasty granola bars


anna said...

We went camping at Rough River Dam state park. Now, I haven't had the pleasure of visiting as many state parks as you have, Katie, but I can easily say this one was the worst. :-( It's like they bought some crappy run down private park and slapped "state park" on the name. Disappointment. Campsites were on top of each other. We were lucky that the person next to us didn't show up, but on the last night someone did. They decided not to open the slide out on their camper, but instead to go home for that night and come back the next day. If they had opened their slide-out, we would not have been able to use our firepit, as it would have burned up their camper. So, the next time you're considering a state park, look past Rough River Dam "Resort". Nevertheless, we had a wonderful time as a family and look forward to our next camping adventure.

Kimberly said...

That picture of Max and Henry is too sweet. Max is such a good big brother! Did you knit that shawl/poncho for Ella? It's darling. And Henry's smile... How can that NOT get him out of trouble?! Precious boy.

We headed down to the river, played in the water in the cold, hit up a playground, rode the Anderson ferry, then stopped at the Zoo for a little while. Best part of the day for me was that we went out for dinner, so no cooking! It was a nice break.

Looks like you had a lovely Labor Day. Your sunflowers are beautiful.

Andi @ udandi said...

That granola bar recipe looks great, I'm always on the search for a healthy, but reasonably easy to make recipe. I have a loose granola I eat as cereal or on yogurt but would like something treat-like.

katie and the little things said...

anna, i'm glad you guys had a good time despite the crummy campground!

i did not knit that poncho, it was a handmedown ;) i'd love to be able to knit like that!

andi, i have made granola bars in the past, i love granola bars! but i was looking for something healthier than what i had been making...this recipe is a keeper! the only thing i changed was that i used mini chips b/c i prefer them in granola bars. next time i might try butterscotch chips, mmmmm