Tuesday, October 11, 2011

a quick trip to the wild west

Do you remember me telling you about the Old West Festival a while back?  I even had a set of tickets to share in a giveaway.  I was lucky enough to receive tickets to the festival for my family as well.  The folks behind the festival are so generous that way. I had read all of the descriptions of the festival, and I had heard from so many people how cool it was, but it wasn't until this weekend when I went with the kids that I realized just how very cool it is.  It was so much more than I had expected.  Going to the Old West Festival is truly like stepping back in time.  Once you pass the ticket counter you are in Dodge City, back in the days of yesteryear when can-can dancers were all the rage and cowboys & deputies wandered the dusty streets.  Train whistles are heard in the distance and a covered wagon carries people through the fields.  There was so much to do at this festival, there's food, entertainment, crafters, games for the kids, music, and of course action.
Dodge City, circa 1878

Max takes a ride on Lightning (this was his favorite part of the festival!)

The kids were sworn in and deputized by the sheriff

These ladies on horseback were amazing - and the horses rode right past us, we felt like we were inside the fence with them!

Cowboy Sam

Ok, so you see this covered wheel-barrow?  There was a baby inside, a precious little baby girl in a bonnet.  It was adorable!  And do you see that guy bending down talking to her?  He was shot down in the street by a roaming cowboy while his can-can dancing lover looked on.  It all took place just moments after I snapped this photo.  The kids loved all the wild west action in the streets!

And here is sweet prince Henry.  He had that look of wonder on his face all day, he loved all the sights and sounds!

Here's Max with one of his cowboy friends.

If you live in our area did you make it to the Old West Festival this year?  What was your favorite thing? 

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Kimberly said...

I'm so glad you got to go! We were supposed to go this weekend, but with everything with Grandma we missed it. We'll go next year for sure! The Pickled Bros. Side Show is run by our friend and neighbor Travis. Did you get to see him and his wife perform?