Friday, November 11, 2011

Ketchup ~ Sam Style

I made Chicken Broccoli Alfredo last week.  It was delicious, and 75% of my children ate it up with no complaint.  Sam was another story...he was sure that it called for Ketchup.  I repeatedly refused his requests for Ketchup on the pasta because the thought kind of grossed me out.  But he wore me down.  I relented and said he could have Ketchup.  This is what happened.  You can't even see the noodles & chicken!  Yuck.  But Sam ate it up.  It reminded me of the parmesan incident.


Kimberly said...

The Alfredo sounds delicious without ketchup. Sam's version, on the other hand, does not seem all that appetizing to me. At least he ate it! My brother drowns everything he eats in disgusting amounts of ketchup, too. And my cousins (Schepers on the other side, ha) all love pretzels with ketchup. Eww.

Cindy said...

Wayne says Ketchup is a vegetable and maybe a food group! But don't let anyone know about it because Olive Garden might try to serve it !! BTW Wayne is 58 years old, so rest assured Sam will survive!