Sunday, March 25, 2012

LEGO KidsFest

On Friday we had the opportunity to visit the LEGO KidsFest when it came to town.  I can't tell you how excited my kids were to go!  Thank you to the folks at LEGO KidsFest for the tickets for my family, and the tickets they gave me to give away on the blog a few weeks back!  A grand time was had by all.  To learn more about LEGO KidsFest and where they are headed next check out their website!
Here are a few pictures from our adventures that evening - it really was a LEGO-lover's dream come true!

Max & Sam loved swimming around in the GINORMOUS pile of LEGO bricks looking for pieces to build their creations.

Harry Potter and Friends!

Sam and his rocket

Max acting out a scene with the Hulk...he had just gotten popped by the Hulk when I took the picture

Ready, Set, GO!  Our favorite activity of the night was building vehicles out of LEGO bricks and then racing them on the ramps.

Ack!  My kids are being eaten by a LEGO shark!

We ended the evening building with the LEGO Duplo blocks. 

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Inger-The Brick Life said...

Thant looks wonderful - great photos (especially the one of the Hulk).
It must be quite an exercise moving all those models around the country - they must weigh a ton!
I don[t suppose we can expect to see them in Australia any time soon :-)