Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Cool Car Magnets

I found the coolest idea on Tigerlily Tinkering for keeping Henry occupied while I work in the kitchen.  Vehicle Magnets!  And you can make them yourself...they are simple to make!  We had fun putting this project together, and I have to say, it's not only keeping Henry occupied, but also Max (6 yrs) and Sam (4 yrs).  All the boys love playing with these.  They loved them so much that we made a couple extra sets for their cousins.
I'm going to share pictures from this project, but be sure to visit Tigerlily Tinkering to see her magnets, and check out all of her other cool crafty ideas and sewing inspiration or visit her at her new home,  A Happy Stitch

Here are the supplies you need: pictures of vehicles, scissors, clear contact paper (unless you have another means to laminate them) and magnets with adhesive on the back.

To get our pictures of vehicles we took a little field trip around town and snapped pictures here and there.  And yes, I included a picture of a bourbon truck. 

After printing the pictures you cut out around the vehicles.

Then I laminated them using clear contact paper.  I cut them out & adhered magnets to the back of them.

Henry is one happy boy with his new magnets!


Maureen N said...

Thats a great idea. I love how the kids can help to pick out what is going to be on the magnets. I will be doing this for Ben

Car Magnets said...

I have to agree this is a great idea. It is very cost effective as well. You can buy magnets like this at the store but it is a great art project for yourself and its a little more realistic. Unique idea thank you for sharing it

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