Thursday, May 10, 2012

WNKU tour with the Scouts

Last night we went on a field trip with Max's scout group to our favorite radio station....WNKU.  We've been listening to 89.7 WNKU for years, and we are loyal listeners who donate to them each year.  It's such a great investment to help a cool radio station like this where they play such an awesome mix of music, and most importantly to me, they highlight all the great local music that we have in the Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky area.  I love hearing the bands we see perform at our zoo and in local bars played on the radio.  And they are always introducing us to cool new music that we never would have heard on all the top forty stations.  Plus WNKU helps organize all kinds of great music events around town, inlcuding our favorite spring musical experience, Tunes & Blooms.  And best of commercials interruptions every five minutes because they are public radio.  Thanks WNKU for being awesome.  And thanks to our tour-guide Aaron for an informative evening! 
Aaron had to spend time explaining this one to the kids. 

If only they were still together...

Pam Temple with the evening traffic

Hmmm....a future in talk radio perhaps?  How many people would tune in to a show dedicated to otters?


Just a small snippet of the vast collection of music they have!

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