Sunday, June 10, 2012

Our Summer Fun List

Last year we began the fun tradition of making a list at the beginning of the summer of all the fun things we wanted to do while the kids were on vacation.  We didn't finish the list last year, but it was a nice guide to have.  I hope you find some inspiration from our list for summer fun, and if you have a summer fun bucket list please leave a link below!

  Our Usual Fun...

Cincinnati Zoo
Behringer Crawford Museum
Cincinnati Museum Center
Our local Swim Club
Storytime at the Covington Library


Cincinnati Nature Center
Boone County Cliffs
Glenwood Gardens

 Fun & Games

Lazer Kraze (Max & Sam's idea!)
Roller Skating
Washington Park
Smale Riverfront Park
Shop at Jungle Jim's (is the new one open yet?!?)
Visit Ault Park
Visit the UnMuseum 

Summer Goals

Finish Reading Logs for the Library (munchkins)
2009 Scrapbooks (Mama's goal)
Fill the deepfreeze in preparation for the Fall/Winter (Mama)
Finish reading Game of Thrones (Mama)
Make ties for the boys to wear to a wedding
Sew 3 new skirts for Ella (Mama)
Work on Sam's Quilt (Mama)
Design 3 new Cards for my Etsy Shop (Mama)

Vacations/Day Trips

Indianapolis Children's Museum

**I will be crossing things off our list as the summer goes along -- please be sure to share your summer plans in the comments section.  I'm always looking for new fun ideas for things to do with the kids, and I'm curious as to how everyone else is spending their vacation!

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micaela said...

Katie..I don't think the new Jungle Jim's is open yet..Zach wants to take the kids too..I believe he checked to see if it was open yet.