Wednesday, July 18, 2012

it was just like....

Until three weeks ago it had been over a decade since I had ridden a bike.  I don't know why I let this happen, because I love riding a bike!  I'm so glad my daddio, baby sister and I are making weekly bike rides happen now.  Next up...getting Michael and Johnny out with us!  You know what a picture-taking freak I am, so of course I have pictures from our rides to share with you.  I love my Canon Elph!
It really was...just like riding a bike!  I was trying my best to get a picture of me and my Tessy here.

My Dad...a superstar biker

We ride around Lunken, and I love seeing the planes take off and land up close.

Tess is pretty much a superstar too. 


Dad approaching the Ohio River (and the car...such a long ride!)

Pretty in Pink


Anna Merlo said...

Fun! Do you ever ride the Loveland Bike trail? Fun!

katie and the little things said...

I have not yet Anna! Would like to!