Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Paper Pumpkin Craft

Are you looking for a simple Halloween craft for the wee ones to do?  I put together a very easy paper pumpkin craft today, and it kept the kids occupied and entertained while I finished up some work this afternoon.  I love projects that can be worked on independently, it makes the children so proud to work on projects on their own.  Plus this project yeilds cute decorations for the Halloween holiday!

What you need:  Orange, Black & Green paper, scissors (or paper punches) and glue sticks
I cut the orange paper into pumpkin shapes and made a variety of black shapes to be used for the faces and green squares for the stems.  I was preparing this for young ones (Henry is 2), but you could adapt this for older kids by letting them cut out the black shapes themself.  I think you could get some really interesting faces if the older kids cut out their own shapes. 

Next step:  Glue black pieces onto the pumpkin "face" and add the green stem.

The final products:

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