Sunday, October 14, 2012

Red River Gorge ~ Fall Break 2012

This weekend was Fall Break for my kids, and we spent a few days camping near Natural Bridge & Red River Gorge.  We spent our weekend exploring, adventuring, s'more making, tent sleeping, fire tending, junk food eating, hiking, laughing, reading, star gazing and memory making.  I picked just a few of my favorite pictures from this weekend to share with you...

Henry helped Daddy pitch the tent.

We had this great stream rolling by our campsite, the kids loved throwing stones, picnicking on the shore and looking for tadpoles.

Lunch at Miguel's!

I love the look on Henry's face right here...we were on top of Natural Bridge and Michael was reading a map.  It looks to me like Henry is thinking "How in the world are we getting down from here?!?!"

On a hike...

My little squirrels

The kids loved this rock near Grey's Arch...they named it Hot Dog Bun Rock

My girl.

Exploring Silvermine Arch

On top of Natural Bridge 

Did you have a Fall Break?  How did you spend it?

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Maureen N said...

We were there this weekend to! Beautiful weather