Sunday, November 18, 2012

the past few weeks...a recap

Over the past few weeks...
the kids have studied hard, which resulted in great report cards

we said goodbye to our CSA for the year :(  michael canned the last of the jalapenos as a treat for the cold winter months.  we also have bags of chopped peppers in the freezer for soups this winter

henry was not a monkey for halloween...but insisted on wearing the costume while running errands.  doesn't everyone dress like a monkey while shopping for bananas?

every friday we have family movie night...which is always better in the cooler months because there's a fire in the fireplace.

henry has developed an apple addiction

the kids celebrated veteran's day at school and invited aunt mary to visit for the morning

michael and i were able to leave the house not once, but twice without children! 
so all in all, fall has been pretty great!

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