Thursday, January 10, 2013

Mother of God

I had the opportunity to spend some time in our church one evening this week, with very few people there.  We were attending practice for Max's first Reconciliation this weekend.  It was so strange being in the nearly empty church, and I spent the time marveling at the beauty of our parish.  I also enjoyed watching the five little boys explore a bit and soak it all in.  At one point they all stood before the nativity and just stared in wonder.  It was precious. 
Michael and I have attended Mother of God since we were children.  We were married there, our children were baptized there, and it's the place I feel most comfortable worshiping God.  I hate to admit this, but lately I have not been going to Mass very often.  My dad has stepped in and takes the older kids to church each week.  Most weeks they attend Mother of God, but every so often they will go to my Grandmother's church with her.  The reason I haven't been going to church much is Henry (sorry to point fingers son).  He's just not at an age where he can sit through Mass. I've seen other small children sit and behave through church, and kudos to them and their parents, but Henry has too much energy.  I'm hoping as he's getting a bit older that he will settle down and be able to go with us.  I've taken him to church, and he loves the music, but he also loves those long runway type aisles.  When I go to church with him I find that I mostly pray for my sanity and for him to just settle down.  So we stay home on Sundays.  Now that work and projects have settled down for Michael my hopes are that I can leave Henry behind with him and start getting back to church.  Not that I mind talking to God at home, as I do so often, but it sure will be nice to be praying in a community again. 


Maureen N said...

Beautiful pictures.

Anna Merlo said...

Dave does a lot of plumbing work there. He has always admired its beauty. Really like your pics. We will have to attend a mass there sometime. Ill bet the music is a beauty to behold