Friday, February 8, 2013

Easy Homemade Valentines

Tis the season for hearts and cupid and such.  Each year our family has a valentine making day where we make valentines for each other and last year the kids and I made super-cool valentines together for them to take to school (read about them here).  But this year because of other projects going on I didn't have the time to work with them as much to create the valentines for all four of their classes.  I needed an valentine project that they could work on independently.  But I refused to go back to store-bought valentines.  The kids were so excited about making the valentines in years past, so I wanted them to be able to make their own valentines this year.  Rummaging around the basement I stumbled upon a bunch of paper hearts that my mother had given me to use with the kids.  That, combined with some valentine stickers I found on sale at Joann Fabrics made for the perfect valentine-making party!  The valentines we put together were so simple, and not too expensive.  The kids worked independently to create valentines for their class, and then this weekend we can have our family valentine making party and get a little more creative!

Here's what you need:
Paper to make the valentines (I happened to have some pre-cut hearts, but you could have your child cut their own hearts, or even use smaller paper cut in any shape.  Then I put together a box of random stickers, papers, tape, glue, scissors and markers and set them loose.
I started Henry's for him and then he decorated them.  
Ella loved the little felt stickers that I found at Joann Fabrics...they were super cute!
 I basically just provided the materials and then let the kids get to work.  They did not need much help from me, and really enjoyed themselves.  And our valentines are ready to go! make the valentine boxes....


Anna Merlo said...

We did homemade valentines a couple years ago and it was truly enjoyable. Perhaps we'll go back to that this year. Thanks Katie!

Micaela said...

Love them!! We've been making some of our own that we've mailed already to family..but I got lazy this year and ordered valentine's from pulp art on etsy..they're plantable paper hearts..and I got some seed bombs to go with them. They look super cute..just arrived today!!

Anonymous said...

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