Sunday, March 24, 2013

Making Dinner GREAT with Kroger Brands

I used to be pretty partial to name brands when grocery shopping, but as my family grew I stepped out of that box and started looking for bargains more and more often.  That being said..I love a sale, but will not sacrifice taste.  I don't want to eat food that tastes bad, and neither does my family.  I've been noticing more and more that the store brands at Kroger are quite good, and often at a lower price!  

Bzzagent gave me free coupons to get a Pork Tenderloin, Pre-made refrigerated Mashed Potatoes, Crescent Rolls, Cake Mix and Icing (all Kroger brands).  We tried the dinner items, but I haven't made the cake yet, as Kroger cake mixes may contain peanuts, and that would not be fair to Sam (who is allergic to peanuts) if we eat them and he can't.  So I'm saving them for the perfect occasion ;)  

I made this slow cooker Pork Tenderloin recipe, and it was delicious!  And soooo easy to make!  I have to say, that this isn't the first time I've cooked a Kroger Pork Tenderloin.  We've had them quite often and really like them.  The pre-made Mashed Potatoes were OK.  The boys ate them up, but I wasn't a big fan.  I think it's because I'm quite partial to my Mama's way of making mashed potatoes, LOTS of real butter.  If I make them again I think I'll add more butter!  Not healthy to do, but's mashed potatoes!  Kroger also has a refrigerated Mac & Cheese, maybe we'll try that one next time!  The Crescent Rolls were GREAT!  I've been buying a more expensive version for years, but now that I've tried the Kroger brand I think we have a new winner!

After trying all these foods I have to say I think I'll be trying Kroger brand foods more often now!  Afterall, Henry gave this dinner a big thumbs up!

Disclaimer: This week we had the opportunity to try several Kroger brand foods for FREE thanks to Bzzagent.  Even though I was given these foods to sample, I am in no way beholden to them to give a good review.  I'm going to give you my honest two cents.  

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