Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Dude Diary

At our school's book fair last fall Max stumbled upon a book that he declared he simply
must have.    Usually for book fairs the kids are given a certain amount of money and told that they must buy books...not other "stuff" like erasers, posters, gimmicky junk kind of stuff.  So he knew the diary was off limits.  He talked on and on so much about this "Dude Diary"  that I felt like I should at least check it out.  I went to the book fair, saw that it looked kind of cool and decided it would make a good stocking stuffer for the holidays.  I was RIGHT.  Max flipped his lid when he found the Dude Diary in his stocking.  

 This diary is like a national secret treasure.  It has it's own lock and key and for the first week or so after he got it I wasn't allowed to even think about looking at it.  But then I asked if I could just see a few pages to see how cool it was.  The following are pictures from the book that Max agreed to share with the public.  Most pages are still off limits ;)  I wanted to give you a glimpse of how cool this book is.  

You have to start with the Security page - this way nobody can get into your book if their handprint does not match.  Or so he thinks. 

Then you move on to all of the wild and crazy pages....

 I absolutely love this WARNING at the beginning of the book:

 I love this book for several reasons:  it gives him his own personal space to express himself, it encourages him to think creatively and use his imagination, and it makes him giggle nonstop.

You can find the Dude Diary in our Amazon Shop (remember every time you shop on Amazon and use my links a few pennies goes into our penny bank!).  I highly recommend this book as a gift for young boys, Max is in 2nd grade, but I'd say it'd be good for grades 1-5.  

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