Monday, May 13, 2013

Menu Plan Monday ~ May 13

I am looking forward to the summer months...because it means I can be a little more creative in the kitchen, and make meals that require more time and a bit more effort.  During the school year we are constantly on the go with after school activities, so our evening meals tend to get a bit "routine".  I have to plan easy dinners for nights where we have limited time between activities.  Starting this week all of our after school activities are on look for a more creative menu next Monday!  

Here's what we were eating last week ::

  • Hot Dogs & Garlic Fries (love love love the Hot Dogs from Trader Joe's with no additives, no nitrates, minimally processed, etc.)
  • Salmon (seasoned with butter & Old Bay seasoning and grilled to perfection) served with a chicken wild rice concoction Michael came up with.  The salmon came from Kremer's Market on Buttermilk Pike and it was delicious!
  • Steak & Baked potatoes (Mother's Day!)

And I also had a lovely dinner at Walt's Hitching Post with my parents to celebrate Mother's Day...I'll post a review soon on Family Friendly Cincinnati!

What have you been eating?  Please leave your menu plan links in the comments!

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