Monday, June 24, 2013

Walking Tacos

It's getting HOT HOT HOT outside!  So more nights spent the pool...and I like to take dinner with us to the pool.  Usually we take homemade pizza, but last week I added a new item to our pool dinner menu.  I took all of the ingredients for Walking Tacos, and they were a hit!  Have you ever had a walking taco?  They are so so so good!  

How to Make a Walking Taco:
(Only THREE Ingredients: Individual Size bags of Fritos, Chili & Shredded Cheddar)
You take a small bag of Fritos, open it up, crunch up the chips in the bag a bit and then spoon some chili into the bag over the chips.  Then you sprinkle cheese on top and just eat the "walking taco" right out of the bag with a spoon!  Yes, I had to carry  hot pot of chili into the pool and back home, but the rest of the cleanup was easy...we just threw away our chip bags!  I also had salad, strawberries and pbj sandwiches to go along with the walking tacos.  I'd like to also point out that I used the most amazing chili ever to make our walking tacos...I used Truckstop Chili.  I make a  huge batch of this chili every few months and the freeze some.  So on our walking taco night, I just popped the chili out of the freezer, bought some chips and was good to go!  Aside from being a perfect poolside dinner, this is also a perfect dish to serve at a party!  You can just keep the chili warm in a crock pot and people can help themselves.

What's your favorite dinner that's easy to transport on summer adventures, like to the local pool?


Diana said...

You carried the chili into the pool? Love walking tacos. It was one of the go to snacks at the football game.

Carla said...

Those are called Fritos pie in Texas. A standard staple at TX high school foot ball games.

Vicky and Jen said...

This is a great idea! I'll have to try it at my next party!!!