Sunday, July 7, 2013

BB Riverboats :: Beer & BBQ Cruise

On Friday night we went on a double date with our friends Amy & Rodney on a BB Riverboats Beer & BBQ dinner cruise.  The sky was dark and cloudy as we boarded the boat, and the lyrics from Gilligan's Island kept running through my head.  "A three hour tour..."  There was nothing to worry about though, the rain held off for most of the cruise, and when it did rain we just ducked inside to their lovely dining area.  In fact, the stormy skies made for beautiful picture taking throughout the evening.  
Since it was the Beer & BBQ cruise we got to sample a variety of beers from Moerlein while a representative from the company told us about brewing and the different ales we were trying.  And we got to keep our tasting glasses!  
The food was delicious.  We all know that sometimes going to a buffet can be hit or miss, you just never know.  But this buffet was A++.  The dinner included a salad, an amazing spread at the buffet (think backyard barbecue only better) and tasty cheesecake for dessert.  BB Riverboats really outdid themselves with the meal.  Every one of us hit the buffet for seconds.   They prepare all of the food in their kitchens and even have gardens on the property to provide some of the produce.
Music was provided by The American Kings.  They were a really fun band that was rocking out the old school songs.  They were very lively and kept the audience happy and even got people out on the dance floor. 
We had a great view during dinner...our table was right by a window, overlooking the paddle wheel.  And after dinner we hit the deck to see the sights and take some pictures.  It was a gorgeous night to be on the river.  We stood at the rail and enjoyed the breeze and waved to other boaters on the river.  The cloudy skies really did make for interesting pictures!  All in all it was an amazing date night, and I really hope to go on another dinner cruise again sometime.  Dinner cruises aren't just for tourists!  They are perfect for date nights, anniversaries, family outings, or other special occasions.
For more information & to make your own reservations check out the BB Riverboats website.  And stay tuned to Family Friendly Cincinnati, I'll be posting a review & giveaway for a Beer & BBQ Cruise very soon!  And we're also going to be giving away tickets to a Princess Cruise on Family Friendly Cincinnati!

Disclaimer: I was given tickets for the BB Riverboats Beer & BBQ Dinner Cruise and tickets to give away on Family Friendly Cincinnati.  All opinions are my own.


Michelle said...

Gorgeous pictures of the skyline!!

The Little Things Mama said...

Thanks Michelle! The cloudy night really did make everything look more beautiful!