Tuesday, July 30, 2013

My Kitchen Gadgets :: The Cheese Grater

I have a rotary cheese grater that I absolutely love.  Over the years I've tried different
ways to shred my own cheese, and I've finally found the perfect way.  You might be wondering...why shred your own cheese if you can buy it already shredded?  I'll tell you why...because it's so much better when it's freshly shredded!  I don't shred my own cheese all the time, I sometimes buy it shredded from the store, but for Parmesan or cheddar I always use my handy dandy rotary grater.  And with the new cheese section at my local Kroger, our family has been trying other great cheeses as well.  The cheese grater is easy to clean as well, just pop the pieces apart and stick them in your dishwasher.  

I think everyone should have a rotary cheese grater in their kitchen.  How do you shred your cheese?  

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