Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Why you NEED an ArtsWave ArtsPass

I am delighted to share this sponsored post with you about ArtsWave.  They are not only an advertiser on my blog, but an organization that I feel passionate about.
I grew up in a family that loves the arts.  Growing up, I visited museums, went to the Opera, attended other
plays and shows, went to concerts and much more.  And now we are raising our own children the same way...exposing them to the arts in as many ways as we can.  While we find as many free or cheap ways to enjoy arts and culture in our community as we can, not everything is free.  Having a family of six, we often try to find ways to cut corners.  So that is where the ArtsPass comes in.  The ArtsPass is a great way for individuals, families, couples, or friends to save money while taking part in amazing artistic events throughout our great region AND giving back to the Arts via an ArtsWave donation.

 Here's a little bit more about ArtsWave so you can consider donating to support the great work they do: 
The arts in our region — music, dance, theatre, museums, festivals, and more, are happening in large and small ways in neighborhoods all over — making greater Cincinnati an amazing place to live, work, play and stay. They make communities more exciting and lively, and bring all different kinds of people together throughout the area. We believe in enhancing our community with arts and cultural experiences that create vibrancy and connect people. 
~ Supports the arts that connect people across communities, enabling them to get to know each other 
~ Creates connections between arts organizations and with people all over 
~ Advocates on behalf of the arts Provides funding and services to the arts 
~ Promotes our arts and cultural assets as a defining characteristic of our region 
See more at: http://www.theartswave.org

 Here's why you NEED an ArtsWave ArtsPass ::  
  • Making a $75 (or more) donation to ArtsWave not only helps support the arts in & around Cincinnati, but it will also earn you an ArtsPass (Get your ArtsPass HERE)
  • An ArtsPass will help make taking part in the Arts more affordable for you.  Check out this list of over 30 participating organizations such as the Cincinnati Ballet, Cincinnati Art Museum, both the Kentucky & Cincinnati Symphonies, and MUCH MUCH MORE! With an ArtsPass you will be able to get discounted tickets, admissions, food and more! 
  • Your donation is tax deductible!
  • Having an ArtsPass will inspire you to find new things to explore in the arts and cultural community of Cincinnati.  ArtsWave even has a list of organizations where you can find Art Near You.
  • Connect with other people in the community who are passionate about art like yourself.  
  • Learn more about the arts in our community, explore new places, see new things, and all the while you will be saving money AND supporting the arts.  It's a win-win.
Visit ArtsWave to learn more about donating and receiving your very own ArtsPass.  Don't delay...the arts are waiting for you!

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