Sunday, October 27, 2013

Minecraft Unplugged at The Carnegie

There's an art class for every interest out evidenced by the class Max and Sam just finished up at The Carnegie in Covington: Minecraft Unplugged.  It was as if this class had been tailored for my boys.  They were given wooden blocks, other assorted odds and ends, paint, glue guns, etc and encouraged to create masterpieces akin to something they would find in their favorite video game, Minecraft.  I'm not going to try to explain this game to you, or pretend like I understand a matter of fact, I have a bad habit of calling it "Minecrap".  But the kids, and my husband as well...LOVE this game.  So when I heard that the Carnegie was going to offer a Minecraft Unplugged class I jumped at the chance to sign them up!  The boys loved it, they had a chance to really let loose and use their imaginations to work on their projects, and they loved the teachers.  The Carnegie offers many different art classes throughout the year, and summer camps as well.  The classes are very very affordable and always a blast for the kids.  Check out their website to find out which classes are coming up next!

My boys along with Amy Q's boys showing off their creations

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