Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Roasted Brussels Sprouts

I should have entitled this one...how I came to love Brussel Sprouts.  I was at Wunderbar in Covington and my friend Nicole gave me a taste of her sprouts, and oh my..they tasted sooo good!  They sauted the sprouts at Wunderbar until they were just perfectly cooked.  Unfortunately, as a mom of four I don't have the luxury of dining out as much as I'd like thanks to our busy schedules, so I only get the sprouts at Wunderbar every so often.  I had to find a way to make yummy sprouts at home, and it ended up being quite simple.  I googled "best roasted brussel sprouts" ....and I found this recipe from Ina Garten, The Barefoot Contessa.  And then I got out my trusty jar of kosher salt.  It's all about the HEAT and the SALT!  Roast those sprouts!  Yum!

Do you like sprouts?  How do you prepare them?


Mary said...

Wunderbar seriously has the best roasted sprouts! I follow pretty much the same recipe you linked to and while they are good, I still can't get them to match Wunderbar. The best I ever made them was when I bought them still on the stalk at Trader Joe's. I think Wunderbar's secret may be in how fresh their produce is! They also pan sear theirs in a cast iron skillet. You can do that at home and then stick the skillet in the oven to finish roasting.

One trick I did pick up recently was to buy bags of sprouts from Kroger (near the salad/cut produce) when they are marked down manager's special (sometimes as slow as 50 cents) and throw them in the freezer. You can roast them whole from frozen. They lose a slight bit of their crispness but they are still tasty. Anything that cooks well from frozen is good in my book as our menu planning often fails us and fresh produce turns bad quickly.

The Little Things Mama said...

I agree...Wunderbar's are def. the best! I just couldn't seem to master the pan saute. So I had to have a plan B ;)

Vicky and Jen said...

I couldn't agree more - Wunderbar's brussel sprouts ROCK. I had them this week at Keystone in Covington too. Mmmmmm, they do it the same way - sautéed until they are caramelized - but they add a touch of honey, sun-dried tomatoes and sautéed onions to them. LOVE! I agree that it is about the good salt and the high heat. Actually the chef at the Wunderbar told us how he cooked them ... NOTHING special but olive oil, salt & pepper. I couldn't believe it.