Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Holiday Toy Trains at the Behringer Crawford Museum

Henry and I went to see one of our favorite holiday attractions today, the Holiday Toy Trains at the Behringer Crawford Museum in Devou Park.  While Henry likes watching the trains zoom around and pushing all the interactive buttons on the display, I always like to look for the interesting tidbits in this display...

There's the couple lounging in the hot tub in their front yard...

And the guy reading the paper in the outhouse....

My favorite new addition this year is the bandshell:

They could do without the creepy clowns though in my opinion.

And at the carnival you can see the strong man, the bearded lady and the sword swallower!!

This is just a glimpse of the cool things that caught my eye, there are so many fun details
to spot.  We're going to head back with the rest of the kids in the coming weeks, and when we do we'll be sure to do the scavenger hunt at the train show, which is always fun for the kids, and the adults.  For more information about the display such as hours and dates visit the Behringer Crawford Museum Website.


Michelle said...

Great pictures and I love the man reading the paper in the outhouse!

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