Tuesday, June 15, 2010

kitchen window

This is my favorite window. This is my window into the world. From this window, because I am short, if I angle my glance just right I can see only trees, which makes me feel like I am in the country. I stand at this window in the evenings, washing dishes and preparing dinner, all the while stealing peeks out the window at the road below…watching for Michael to arrive home from work. From this window I can watch my children frolick in the backyard. From this window I can watch storms roll through the neighborhood. I stand at this window and daydream, and wonder, and think about tomorrow. This is my favorite window.

I keep some of my very special treasures upon this window sill: ~a gorgeous handmade tile given to me by a parent of one of my students ~ s&p shakers that I painted myself before we were married to match our bybee pottery plates ~rocks & a shell bestowed upon me by an exploring 2 year old (who is now nearly 7) ~plump purple glass grapes that hung in the home of a beloved family friend decades ago ~a blue glass vase given to me by my father with lilies of the valley inside for my birthday several years ago (this piece reminds me of my mother’s beautiful kitchen window, but that’s a story for another day) ~marigolds from my max for mother’s day ~a tiny hand-painted birdhouse from a very special little girl I cared for when I was in college ~a precious little sugar jar, which has withstood some falls over the years and a few odds & ends that have landed there on their own and I have allowed to stay (makers mark, a cork from a bourbon bottle, and cayenne pepper…they all make me think of my husband)

Do you have a favorite window?

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Tess said...

I love it. This kind of reminds me of your parents window with all of the colored glass. I use to love that window. I have a favorite window too. In our spare bedroom if you lay on the bed and look up there is a high sqaure window that peers out onto rooftops, church steeples and chimneys. I like to imagine I'm in paris!