Friday, July 23, 2010

fabulous friday

it's been a pretty fabulous friday round these parts...mama got to spend quite of bit of time in the kitchen preparing all kinds of tasty treats for a party...the kids and i had lunch with grandma new (to us) catbird baby pikkolo carrier arrived in the mail
...ella went to a bridal shower and wore a dress fit for a princess

...and a much-missed daddy came home from his business trip


Debbie said...

All three...adorable moments! You can tell Daddy was missed. :)

My Moment: A beautiful visitor to my garden.

micaela said...

awww! What cute pics!! I'll have to show Sasha the dress Ella has on..she'll flip!! Henry is so squishy cute!!

Amy said...

How sweet.... Love your moments. Kinda made me weepy. What a beautiful family!

RoseMamie said...

Ella looks like a fairy princess! And look at that Henry hugging his daddy....seriously, could he get any cuter??