Monday, July 25, 2011

Menu Plan Monday ~ In Reverse ~ July 25

I am participating in Menu Planning Monday at, but unlike most of the other participants who plan their menus and post them that week, I'm always a bit behind, and I post my menus a week later. I do this so that I can let you know if I try a new recipe and it's not that great. I don't want to blog about a recipe if it's no good. Participating in MPM has inspired me to find new recipes for my family, and I hope that when you read this post you can find new recipes for your family!

Before I share this menu, I have to tell you something...we are having some rather hot & humid weather around these parts, and we live in a home with no central air, only 2 window units.  So when I turn my oven on in the summer the entire house heats up.  So our menus of late are heavy with leftovers, and meals I can cook on top of the stove instead of turning the oven on.  I did have a couple NEW finds this week that we fell in love with...Orange Chicken and the Sirloin Steak recipe...both get 5 stars in our book.  AND I have a yummy grilled chicken recipe to share with you from my lovely Auntie Annie. 

Here's our menu, please share your ideas, recipes & menus in the comments section!

Monday ~ Sandwiches/Leftover Pizza/Fruit (then the pool!)
Tuesday ~ Brinner: Pancakes, Sausage & Hash Browns
Wednesday ~ Chicken Pot Pie
Thursday ~ Ella's Birthday ~ We ate dinner at Mi Tierra!
Friday ~ Orange Chicken & Brown Rice (and it's tasty re-heated too!)
Saturday ~ Sirloin Steak with Dijon-Port Sauce
Sunday ~ Cookout with family, where we had Auntie Annie's Grilled Chicken (see below) and I made oatmeal cookies, yum!
Auntie Annie's Grilled Chicken Tenders
A day before you want to put the tenders on the grill, rinse and pat dry as many chicken tenders as you wish. (I always make lots so we have dinner and lunch for the week. Grilled poultry will last at least five days in your frig tightly wrapped.)

Select your favorite seasoning. I use a garlic, salt, pepper, parsley and other dried herbs for mine. Brush extra virgin olive oil on both sides of the tenders - season liberally. Marinate overnight.
Spray your grill with Pam and get it good and hot. Put all the tenders on the grill and turn down to medium. Since the pieces are so small, it may only take three minutes on each side.
Tenders are perfect for salads, sandwiches, or just eating them alone with fresh veggies.

***i took lots of pictures of the chicken because mama has a new camera, more on that later, AND because it looked tantalizing, and smelled so good!

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