Tuesday, July 26, 2011

new camera, part one

last week we bought ourselves a new camera.  i am positively giddy about this.  we bought a canon rebel t3.  i'm not going to bore you with the details, you can check those out on amazon...i just want to share some of my favorite pix i've taken with it.  and to tell you that i give it two thumbs up.  i've only used it on the automatic settings so far, but there's so much more to it....i just need to find the time to read the manual, and learn about it.  for now i'm just happily snapping pictures any chance i get.


Kimberly said...

Great pictures! I told you that you'd love it! You really should just start messing with the manual settings... The best thing about digital is that if the pictures suck, you can delete them and start over!

Michelle said...

Beautiful pictures and that's a nice camera! How did you decide on it? Love the still shots. Of course, I love the kids pics too, but the marbles and toy are interesting shots.

katie and the little things said...

Kimberly, thanks for all the advice when I was camera shopping...I do love it! And eventually I will get brave enough to mess around with the settings ;)
Michelle, Michael researched the technical stuff, I asked friends about their cameras and asked on fb what people recommended. That helped immensely! Thanks for the sweet words about my pix ladies!