Saturday, August 20, 2011

tomato-basil bagel sandwich

i fell in love with my lunch yesterday and wanted to share it with you.  it's a very simple & healthy sandwich, perfect for breakfast or lunch, or even a mid-day snack.  i might be re-inventing the wheel here, perhaps this is already a popular sandwich...i wouldn't know, because i've just recently begun to love and appreciate tomatoes.  i used to only like them in salsa, sauce or ketchup form, but they have grown on me, and now i enjoy them immensely.

katie's healthy tomato-basil bagel sandwich
what you need:  bagel thins, reduced fat cream cheese, a fresh tomato (sliced), basil (shredded) & garlic powder

how to:  toast the bagel, spread cream cheese on both sides (i only use a light layer of cream cheese), sprinkl just a little bit of garlic powder and a healthy dose of basil onto the bottom half.  top with sliced tomatoes & the top of the bagel.  cut in half and enjoy.  
the sandwich without it's top

what's your favorite healthy sandwich?


Michelle said...

Not sure it's super healthy, but I love a grilled cheese on whole wheat bread with a giant tomatoe slice on it from the garden....sprinkle some Greek Seasoning on it or just salt!

Ryshel said...

I have access to lots of tomatoes, thanks to my parents garden. Looks like I'll be trying this for lunch!

Anonymous said...

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