Wednesday, September 14, 2011

date night

this past weekend michael and i had the opportunity to go out to dinner by ourselves, it was such a treat!  we were able to escape the house and the bonus was our dinner was paid for by a lovely person who just decided to give us a gift out of the blue (if you are ever looking for a great gift to give a married couple with children - treat them to a date night!!).  my mom came over to stay with the kids.  we are so lucky to have both sets of parents living very close to us, and they are always willing to hang out with the kids.  i'm so grateful for our family. 
since ella was born eight years ago we've always made date nights a priority.  we think that it's important to have time alone together sometimes.  lately it's been hard to make date nights happen...the kids have busy schedules, michael is in the midst of a big project & work is crazy for him, and we are trying to spend less money.  so i was so ecstatic to be able to make it happen on sunday.  we went to indigo, and sat outside on the patio enjoying the almost-cool weather and a few adult beverages.  it was so nice to have uninterrupted conversations, finish a meal without having to cut someone's food or clean up a spill.  and sometimes we didn't talk, just enjoyed the sights and sounds (or lack thereof).  of course, the majority of our conversations revolved around our kids, but it was still nice to be away from the hustle and bustle of dinner with four kids.  we love them dearly, and enjoy family dinners immensely, but there's just something refreshing about reconnecting with each other on a date.  plus it's fun to get a little more dolled up than my yoga pants that i walk in each day.  i even put jewelry on! 

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