Wednesday, December 14, 2011

ella's art show

last week we attended an art show at baker hunt in covington.  ella has been taking art classes there for several years.  Most recently she has been enrolled in BOSS which is described on their website as: Art on Steroids. This will be a collaborative studio effort with kids and adults encouraged to co-create. The final product will be a very large room size installation incorporating art, storytelling, sound and lighting.  Ella's fabulously awesome, creative & unique creations were on display.  she and her pal emma made some crazy cool stuff in the class.
this is the tree hotel ~ it has two pools with a very well-trained lifeguard, a hospital wing, lots of beds, a restaurant called "The Cook and Eat" where you have to cook your own food, a babysitter that sits on the kids, an underwater TV room, and much much more!

here's "The Cook and Eat" restaurant...the off-duty lifeguard frog is dining here tonight.

this is their "theme" lady - her theme is don't judge people by their looks.  that's her number one rule in life.  she is beautiful.

a close-up of their unusually beautiful lady

sam, my future art critic

ella, emma and their awesome art teachers lindsey and christian

lindsey's amazing kettle corn.  i joked that this was my number one reason for attending the art show.  i never liked kettle corn until i had lindsey's, and now we make it at home.

Baker Hunt is now accepting registrations for the Winter 2012 session!  I have to say, Ella and Max have enjoyed every class they have taken at Baker Hunt, and I highly recommend it for your creative munchkins.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for a great post.Baker Hunt Art & Cultural Center is a wonderful place for kids and adults too.

Bob Schrichte said...

Lindsey's kettle corn is good! Thanks for a great recap of the art show at Baker Hunt. Great photos too!

katie and the little things said...

Thanks folks! I love that Baker Hunt puts on an art show at the end of the session, the kids are always so proud to display their work.