Monday, March 19, 2012

Printable Recipe Cards

Are you looking for a unique & meaningful shower gift for someone you love?  My favorite gift to give a bride-to-be is a collection of family recipes.  I found the cutest printable recipe cards in Whisker Graphic's Etsy Shop.  They were reasonably priced and I can use the printable over and over again!  You can either print the recipe cards out blank (see above) and then handwrite the recipes, or you can copy and paste your recipe right onto the card and then print it out (see below).  Before the shower I usually ask any friends & family who are attending to email me a recipe, and then I print them all out on these super cute cards and then put them in a pretty recipe box (there's a huge selection of recipe boxes on  These recipe boxes are always met with appreciation and happiness.  I make sure to include recipes from special relatives who aren't with us anymore, like Nana...I always add in a few of her favorite recipes just to keep her memory alive & pass along her traditions.  If you are interested in printable recipe cards check out Whisker Graphic's website or etsy shop.  And they don't just have recipe cards...they have a great selection of other fun printables, twine, packaging materials, labels, stickers, and more!  I had so much fun shopping on their website...I just purchased a printable that I can use to make new business cards for Cards by Katie

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