Wednesday, May 16, 2012

the cool bus

Ella & Max had their art show at Baker Hunt a few weeks back, and as usual, the art-work from their class was out of this world.  I love all of the cool stuff that they create in this class....the sky is the limit!  Thank you to Christian, Lindsay & Anne for teaching such a cool class.

Here are Ella & Max's Masterpieces from the show ::

See that HUGE robot with the square blue head on the left?  That's Max's pride and joy right there.

And this?  It's the "COOL" bus!  Ella made it, and it was just awesome.  I don't know if you can properly grasp it in this picture, but this bus is HUGE.  And cool.  Note the stop sign..."Stop for the people".  Sounds like a good title for a rock album. 

Inside the bus...definitely cool.  It was a party in there.

And here's some cool artwork from other students in the class ::

The kids certainly had fun in their BOSS class this year!  You can see pix from last year's Art Show here, or pictures I took on the campus of Baker Hunt here and here (although these pix were taken all over COV).

Baker Hunt is accepting registrations right now for their Summer Classes!

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